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About us

The origins of Gerotor go back to Formula 1. The KERS technology was the basis of today’s Gerotor HPS. However, we have recognized that the benefits in the industry have a positive impact on costs and the environment. The Gerotor HPS reduces the primary energy requirement and thus supports the departure of CO2 intensive fossil fuels in order to contribute to global decarbonization. With the HPS, Gerotor GmbH contributes to the energy demand by regenerating existing energy and reusing it more productively.

Together with its stakeholders, Gerotor GmbH sees itself as a leading energy efficiency company in the industry (in future also in mobility and energy supply), which meets all the requirements of sustainable climate protection through targeted ecological and economic technologies!

Most of our everyday products and all industrial goods are produced by plants that consume a lot of energy and thus pollute the environment. A reduction in consumption in manufacturing processes helps to make our planet more sustainable. Therefore, one of the most important tasks for the 21st century is a efficient storage and consumption of energy. The reorganization of the energy supply, away from environmentally poluting power supplies, to renewable energy sources can only be achieved with great commitment from the economy.

What happens when young dynamic companies are pushing the industry with completely new ideas? What if our ideas change the world?

Our success story in stages


Foundation of Gerotor GmbH in Munich


Development and sales; Gerotor exhibits at Websummit in Dublin; Cooperation with FENES


Development partnership with Fraunhofer; World leader of forming technology as new customer; Worldexhibition EMO 2017


Local expansion; Start of serial production (SOP)

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