Climate (needs) Protection

With Gerotor, you actively protect our environment

% increasing energy demand until 2050

The global energy demand is growing considerably and will double by the year 2050. This challenge can only be solved through higher energy efficiency and with intelligent load management. With the Paris UN climate treaty, global warming has been limited on a political level. As a result, nuclear and coal-fired power stations are increasingly being shut down and renewable energy sources are being expanded. However, such a move makes power supply and quality of power more volatile. Intelligent storage solutions have to offer a better load management in order to prevent current fluctuations and failures. Energy-efficient solutions are therefore a necessity. In future, our active energy management will not only connect smart grid with smart industry but also M2M networks.


% of total energy is consumed by the industry

Global industrial production consumes about 42% of the total energy demand, making it the largest ejector of CO2 emissions, which is a cry for action. Politics have therefore implemented thresholds and targets, which can hardly be achieved by the currently applied conventional measures. This is why consumers and, above all, companies are required to meet their corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Such opportunity generates new business models, e.g. the IIoT and many other disruptive innovations that increase our sustainability and protect the climate. At Gerotor, our vision is to increase your energy efficiency and thus your competitiveness while protecting the environment.


% Savings potential with Gerotor HPS

It is not only the polar bears and our freshwater reserves that need saving but all living creatures on our planet are in danger and must be protected!

We aim to generate a 20% reduction in industrial emissions as quickly as possible with the help of our active energy management system. Through our holistic approach of digitized and connected energy efficiency, we are making a significant contribution to decarbonisation. We support and optimize your ecological footprint!

Our ecological mission is to offer sustainably produced products, which, despite all profitability, simultaneously protect the environment.

Savings potential in serial production
0 kWhs
Our active energy management reduces your consumption by up to 60%. Less consumption reduces costs and protects our environment at the same time!
CO² - 0 in tons
Switching to the future

Less energy costs means more success! The Federal Government of Germany supports companies to improve their energy balance through various federal subsidy programs. For example, KfW Bank subsidises energy efficiency measures in the area of production facilities and production processes of commercial enterprises in Germany and abroad. Legal requirements are intended to accompany efforts to increase energy efficiency within the economy (see ISO 50001).

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