Gerotor HPS

The basis for an active energy management!
The Gerotor HPS

The Gerotor HPS is an innovative, electromechanical flywheel storage. It has been developed with regard to durability, performance and design to cost. It is a short-time storage that saves electrical energy and costs of all kinds of dynamic processes with highest efficiency. The Gerotor HPS increases the performance and productivity of your equipment significantly. Through the principles of recuperation and peak shaving, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 50% and load management by up to 75% for individual cases.

Power Management

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Gerotor HPS

Requirements of the industry

You can waive the cost intensive and inefficient battery storage systems in the production! The Gerotor HPS is the first and only energy storage system, which meets all the requirements for an active energy management for industry applications. In addition, intelligent energy grids (smart- and microgrids) as well as renewable energies can be more efficiently integrated and used through our active energy storage system.

Features Gerotor HPS Energy recovery moduls Supercaps
Highest charging / discharging power
Cycle stability (>10.000.000)
Long durability (20 years)
Load management
Realtime reaction (<10 ms)
UPS / Blackout security
Climate friendly
Fast amortisation (1-3 years)
Scalable from single machines to entire production plants

Since not all applications have the same power requirements, we have developed a modular system. Depending on the industry and customer requirements, several Gerotor HPS units can be connected in parallel. From single machines, to machine groups and on to integrated plants, the energy supply can be actively regulated.

The Gerotor HPS Power Unit increases the energy efficiency of your plant while reducing CO2 emissions at the same time! A Gerotor HPS Power Rack offers the right specifications. Our Power Container for large scale applications such as your entire production facility can provide power up to 1 Megawatt.


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